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Issue #346 Released

"The Meteor itself is made of an unknown element," Gary explained. "All I can really say is that it's energy readings are off the charts! I don't believe it's dangerous, but we must be cautious."
"If we can contain the Meteor's energy, we may even figure out a way to put it to good use!" But there are those who seek to use the energy for evil. The Club Penguin Times has received a threat of a looming Super Villain invasion.
If Super Villains are indeed heading to Club Penguin, then a call must go out for Super Heroes! On June 14, Club Penguin needs your help!
"Attention citizens of Club Penguin. Prepare for destruction.
The Meteor's energy has revived my circuits. I shall use it's power to takeover your island.

You have until June 14 to surrender. I shall then unleash an unstoppable giant bot on your city.

I am sending this message to all Super Villains--gather your forces. Club Penguin will be ours.
Give up, Super  Heroes. Our victory is assured."

On Now! Furniture Catalog
Set up your own city to protect...or takeover!

June 14 Marvel Costumes
The Gift Shop proudly presents; costumes of your favorite MARVEL Super Heroes...and Villains!

June 28 Squidzoid vs Shadow Guy & Gamma Gal
The classic action squid-packed super hero story returns to the Stage! Raaarrr!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until June 13.
Next pin hidding June 14-27

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