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Think We! Speaking tour!

Today billybob posted a new post on the community blog it was about the Think we Program. It read:
Today billybob posted a new post on the community blog. Here's what it read:

Hello Penguins!

Do you want to help motivate others make a difference in the world? How about nominating your school for a tour about giving?

We've teamed up with international charity group Free The Children to present
"Think WE!"
-- a speaking tour and leadership program for students ages 8-14.

blog_110805.jpgJust like the team at Club Penguin, the "Think WE!" speakers are passionate about making a difference. They share stories to inspire YOU to take action both where you live and around the world!

You can learn more about this free program, or nominate a school from our Global Citizenship page. The program is available anywhere in English, French and Spanish!

You'll need to nominate your school before Monday, August 8 for a chance to participate in this year's tour.

Will you be nominating your school for the Think we Tour? How do you think this will help the schools?

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