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Developer Update: August 16th

Today Billybob posted a new blog post on the community blog it read:

Hello Penguins,

Here's another quick update on what we've been working on behind the scenes here at the Club Penguin office. We're excited about some new things coming in the next few months. Here's a few of them:

New System Defender level - We're just about finished a brand new level for the EPF-only game System Defender. The new level will be released at the end of this week. Remember that you'll need to be a secret agent to play the game!

The Great Snow Race - Next week we'll be releasing the first ever "Great Snow Race", a party for extreme sports fans! We'll let you know more about this one next week. But for now, here's a little sneak peek:


Bugs squashed - There are a few silly bugs out there that we're in the process of squashing. Don't worry -- we've heard you and we're working on them every week. Thanks for letting us know about them. Remember to let us know what web browser you're using and the server you were on if you're letting us know about a bug.

Beta Team testing -- We're just about finished setting up something special for Beta Team testers. Testers: get ready to help beta test something a little different than a game...

As always, let us know if you have any questions by sending us a comment. We're here to help you!

Do you really think they will release the new system defender level soon? What new bots or weapons will be in the system defender level? Maybe a bot that freezes the Evil bots. Do you have any ideas of what the "Great Snow Race" will look like? In the Sneak peek it looks like water or an icey path that you will have to Sled down and try to win for a Free item or a Medal. What do you think you the prize will be if you win the Great Snow Race? Maybe a new Sled racing item. When do you think they will release a new game for us to test? Comment and Share your thoughts!

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