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August 2011 Paychecks

Today Clubpenguin sent out the August 2011 pay checks to all penguins who are a EPF agent or a Tour guide, each player recieves 250 coins from the Tour guide job and 350 coins for being an EPF agent.

To become a Tour guide you must be 45 days old or older.
Then you click the map on the bottom left corner and go to the Ski Village.
Then you find the Tour guide booth.
Click it and answer the questions correctly.

To become an EPF agent you must be 45 days old or older or if someone sends you the EPF postcard you can become it easily.Then you go in the EPF agent building in the Ski village.Take the test and if you were successful you'll be promoted to an EPF agent. Every month each player who is a Tour guide and/or an EPF agent will recieve their paychecks.

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