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Club Penguin History: Penguin Band

Hello Penguins!

Great guesses on this week's Sneak peek blog post! Quite a few of you guessed that the big picture was the Penguin Band...You were right!

The Penguin Band has changed their look a few times since the beginning of Club Penguin. They first appeared in Penguin Chat 3 back in 2005. Back then all the members, were blue and played different instruments.(First Photo)

The Group first appeared in Club Penguin 2006, with different colors and instruments. First they were a Hawaian Band.(Second Photo)

Then they were a country band.(Third Photo)

This year, the Penguin Band is a bit more modern. We were inspired by all the different bands we've seen around the island. We wanted the Penguin Band to have their own unique musical style, just like you! Now the band is into more than just Country they're also into Rock, alternative and electronic music.

Many bands like to change their style every few years. Who knows? maybe the Penguin Band will change their look in the future...

What musical style do you like best? Tell us about your favorite in the comments!

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